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Winning Trades with Wendy Kirkland

Wendy Kirkland Discusses Strategy with Over 200% Potential

Webinar Date: Tuesday, September 14

Webinar Time: 6 PM Central

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With a consistent drumbeat of new record highs, now is the time to lock in a strategy that can grab the most potential profit possible from this unprecedented market. When we announced our new Investment Corner series of interviews, the response was overwhelming. And the message we received from the folks who joined us was loud and clear. 


We want to see how Wendy Kirkland, a legendary top options trader, is consistently crushing expectations with powerhouse trades.

When Wendy agreed to a rare live interview, we jumped on the chance to hear her explain:

  • How can you help hard working people take advantage of this
    market with trades positions under $300?
  • For traders who are trying to accelerate their account growth, is
    it possible to exceed a potential 200% annualized return?
  • What is the best way to systematically produce 3x the number of
    winners and keep the losers as tiny as possible?

These aren’t simply random questions. We have seen Wendy provide these types of trades to the folks using her service and we want to know how she does it.


Her specialty is helping people who need to increase their returns to achieve their life’s financial goals and focus on enjoying their dreams. Here is an example of what her approach has the potential to do:



This approach is built to grab the optimal returns in the market climate we are seeing right now. The sooner you can see how it works, the sooner you can be watching it go to work on your own account and, most importantly, the sooner you can get to your dream life!


We want to make sure you don’t miss this event, so be sure to sign up now and secure your spot.
Wendy doesn’t do this type of live event very often so don’t miss your chance to hear her share this approach and ask the questions you want to know.


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