We all know electric vehicles have been on the rise. We just talked about IDRV a month ago (check it out here) and Ian Cooper mentioned it again just a few days ago (check that out here). In addition to all you already know about EVs (popularity, lower run costs, incentives) there is another paradigm shift that they have opened the door to.

Not too long ago, when you bought a car, the dealer didn’t know anything about that car until you brought it back to get it fixed or trade it in. Then, as technology advanced, they were able to collect data about the vehicle and how you used it. The first obvious sign was when you needed to update your GPS with a thumbdrive or disk.

Now, EVs have made it commonplace for manufacturers to know everything about the car all the time. And, they have even begun to offer upgrades that can be simply downloaded to your car. But the game changer is subscription services for your car.

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Things like heated seats, entertainment features, even autonomous driving functions can all be added through software upgrades. When dealers started offering financing to customers buying cars, they soon found out it could be very lucrative. These subscription services are an equal game changer.

EVs are positioned to see the biggest lift from this and IDRV is a great way to grab a piece of that move.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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