China’s comeback is just getting started.

All as the world’s second-largest economy pull out all the stops to revive its economy. Even better, according to Barron’s, “strategists see Chinese stocks outperforming other parts of the world, especially with investors ‘insufficiently exposed’ to Chinese stocks as China’s economic activity and earnings growth are poised to accelerate rapidly from a low base and risks related to domestic policy and geopolitics ease for now.”

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That being said, investors may want to keep an eye on related stocks, such as BYD Co. (BYDDF).

For one, BYD is already outpacing Tesla sales. In 2022, for example, BYD reported sales of 1.9 million EVs. Meanwhile, Tesla sold 1.3 million. Two, the company is quickly expanding, with plans to move into another 15 international markets, including Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Three, the company just recorded monthly sales of 235,197 in Dec. from 93,945 a year earlier. We also have to consider that global leaders want to replace internal combustion engines, with millions of EVs.