Apple (AAPL) is still hitting new highs — and could push even higher.

All thanks in part to its new products and updates, including its very expensive mixed-reality headset. “Apple’s headset, according to reports, will feature high-definition screens in front of the user’s eyes. But it could also let users see and interact with the real world through high-powered cameras mounted on the device, a trick sometimes called passthrough or mixed reality,” says CNBC.

Even better, analysts at Evercore ISI see the stock heading to $210 shortly.

The firm noted, “Apple remains positioned to sustain mid-single digit sales and double-digit [earnings per share] growth over [the] next several years with less volatility and high consistency.” The firm also expects Apple’s VR/AR product to add about $10 billion in sales, and 20 cents to EPS a year in the next five years.


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