Albemarle (ALB) is the lithium industry’s 800 lb. gorilla.  And while it’s been beaten down on soft lithium prices, don’t write it off. Not only is it starting to pivot from major support, but it could also see massive upside.” That’s what we said on May 11, as ALB traded at $194.51. Today, the stock is up to $232.22. And we’re still just as bullish.

Outside of the lithium boom, you may also want to keep an eye on Generac Holdings (GNRC).

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Here’s why. 

At the moment, Tropical Storm Bret is spinning in the Atlantic. If it becomes a hurricane as it nears the Caribbean, keep an eye on generator stocks, like Generac Holdings (GNRC).  As we noted before, GNRC has a history of turning higher in most hurricane seasons.  And that’s because demand for generators typically rises—especially if there’s going to be power outages.

For the 2019 hurricane season, GNRC ran from about $54 to $100.  For 2020, it ran from about $125 to $363.  In 2021, the stock ran from about $407 to $460.  Last year, it did see a brief pop from about $200 to $275 before plunging with the rest of the market.


Ian Cooper