Gold just hit $2,100 and could head even higher, which is great news for stocks like Barrick Gold (GOLD), which could rally to higher highs.

For one, investors are flocking to gold, as a safe haven with economic and political chaos.

Two, gold demand is expected to hit another record this year, as central banks continue to buy the safe haven, according to the World Gold Council. “Central bank buying maintained a breakneck pace, with annual net purchases of 1,037 tons last year, just 45 tons shy of the record set in 2022, the WGC said in the report. It expects central bank buying to top 500 tons this year,” added Bloomberg.

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Even millionaires and billionaires are flocking to gold over concerns of dollar devaluation and the potential for economic collapse. In fact, according to, “Millionaires and elites are hoarding gold as part of their doomsday preparations as they look to barter with it, an expert has revealed. Multiple factors, from cell service outages to the election, have caused an absolute surge in gold sales.”


Ian Cooper