Bitcoin (BTC) is on the move.

Last checked, BTC was up to $30,221.20 – and could see higher highs.

“The present price pattern is expected to generate a lot of attention, as well as ‘fear of missing out’ among investors, many of whom have already missed out as the price has regained its significant losses,” said Naeem Aslam, chief investment officer at Zaye Capital Markets, as quoted by Barron’s. “It is very conceivable that some profit-taking may occur at the present level, but given the momentum it is extremely probable that the price will continue to rise.”

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That being said, investors may want to consider BTC mining stocks, such as Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), which is trying to break above resistance at $10.64.  If it can, we’d like to see MARA run back to $12, near-term.

The last time we highlighted opportunity in MARA, it traded at $7.85 on March 21.


Ian Cooper