Around this time of year, about 90% of us, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, make a resolution to lose weight, diet, and exercise more. All as millions begin to worry about their expanding waistlines, and promise next year will be different.

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Many of us will join Weight Watchers or even Medifast.  Or, they’ll look to join a gym. Look at Planet Fitness (PLNT) for example.  For the last several years, the stock tends to take off around the holidays.  It’s even starting to do so again now after plummeting.

We saw it take off in late 2020, in late 2021, and again in late 2022.  Now, we’re seeing it happen again. In fact, after bottoming out around $45, the oversold gym stock is also starting to pivot from over-extensions on RSI, MACD, and Williams’ %R.


Ian Cooper