Tensions are escalating in the Middle East.

With Israel hunting for Hamas, Iran threatening to come into the battle, and the U.S. now sending a second carrier to the region, the situation could get far worse.  One of the stocks that could push higher on the conflict is RTX Corp. (RTX).

According to Zacks.com, “Its Missiles & Defense unit, along with Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, manufactures the Iron Dome Weapon System. Notably, 10 Iron Dome batteries protect the citizens and infrastructure of Israel. These two companies also co-manufacture David’s Sling System, which forms a crucial element of Israel’s multi-tier layered missile defense architecture to provide mid-tier regional missile defense.”

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At the moment, RTX is still oversold at $73.90. Initially, we’d like to see it refill its bearish gap around $85. Eventually, we’d like to see it also close its gap around $97.50 with patience.


Ian Cooper