Markets are definitely getting softer as Inflation continues to keep its grip on higher consumer prices and as interest rates don’t show any sign of relief. In fact mortgage rates hit a 50 year high. But we talked about a way to exploit the fear and the herd mentality a couple weeks ago and has proven rewarding. (You can read that here)

ProShares UltraShort Dow 30 ETF (DXD) is an inverse ETF that does well as the Dow Jones drops.

Headlines are leading traders to the slaughter. If you want the tools to outsmart the herd and fund your financial goals, click here.

Here is a great article on how Inverse ETFs work. Inflation is like a siege on spending and over time will continue to impact the markets. The MACD is showing more room for DXD to go up and it just passed its 50 day moving average. Defintely start to get ready for more fear and choppy downward movement in the markets.


Ian Cooper