Keep an eye on Viking Therapeutics (VKTX) again.

The first time we mentioned VKTX here, it traded at around $36.20. Weeks later, it would rally to about $100 on obesity drug trial data.

Now, after pulling back on a competitor’s obesity trial data, it appears the stock is bottoming out. Last trading at $67.10, we’d like to see it make another run to nearly $100.

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Not only do analysts believe VKTX could be a buyout, but Jefferies’ analysts just initiated a buy rating on the stock. The firm added that VKTX is “enjoying scarcity value in the obesity space as demand for more mature/de-risked assets outstrips supply,” as noted by Seeking Alpha. 

“Jefferies has modeled potential peak adjusted sales for the company’s oral obesity drug candidate VK2735 at around $12B. It also noted palpable strategic interest in the metabolic space from big pharma,” they added.

Weakness in VKTX may be an opportunity.


Ian Cooper