“Keep an eye on Viking Therapeutics (VKTX) again,” we said on March 14. 

“The first time we mentioned VKTX here, it traded at around $36.20. Weeks later, it would rally to about $100 on obesity drug trial data. Now, after pulling back on a competitor’s obesity trial data, it appears the stock is bottoming out. Last trading at $67.10, we’d like to see it make another run to nearly $100.”

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Today, VKTX is back up to $72.60 and running on the obesity story.

All because positive indications from its Phase 2 clinical trials are bringing out the bulls. From here, if the company can quickly jump into Phase 3, it’ll be even closer to potential US FDA approval. Plus, if all continues to go okay, VKTX could be a buyout target.


Ian Cooper