Over the last few days, President Biden unveiled about $5 billion in infrastructure projects.

According to CBS News, that includes “37 major infrastructure projects throughout the country across at least 12 states, with much of the funding going toward repairing and building new bridges.” It will also help fund highways, ports, and airports.

That being said, investors may want to look at stocks that could be part of rebuilds. That includes concrete and cement, steel, and metals companies to name just a few. 

That includes companies, such as Vulcan Materials (VMC).

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The nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates—primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel—and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials, including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete, Vulcan Materials is a good bet on infrastructure.

Company earnings have been solid, too. In its most recent quarter, VMC posted EPS of $2.29, which beat by three cents.  Revenue – up about 5% year over year – was $2.19 billion, which beat estimates by $20 million. Better, with new infrastructure programs, VMC earnings and its stock could improve even more.


Ian Cooper