Signs are all over that people are pulling out of the market but they are leaving money on the table.

When things get wild it doesn’t mean you have to run. With some simple tweaks to your strategy you It is possible to use this current environment to continue generating income. It takes a bit of a mental shift and some modifications to where you find the trades and how to set them up. Keith Harwood jumped on a quick chat with me to remind me of how to retool and find wins in a dropping market. Take a look and listen to the tips he learned as a market maker:

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By using his tips on finding the hidden gems that are not following the overall trend, putting a lock on downside risk to prevent losses, and which sectors have big breakout potential you can be the exception and keep growing your account.

Check out the video and be sure to grab Keith’s Roadmap to taking the edge away from Wall Street.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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