Patience is key to successful trading, but it sure ain’t easy. That’s why when it pays off it helps reinforce that the wait is worth it. As we scan for great set ups, it is always exciting to see a good one develop.

One of our favorites, the Bullish MACD Crossover, showed up on TAN, and ETF that tracks clean energy stocks. This is an even better find as clean energy has a lot of momentum.

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On top of both the crossover setting up and the sector having a tailwind, the jump in the last couple days adds to the momentum pushing TAN up. This climb could easily hit the recent high of around 78. July 78 calls are at just over a $1. We will keep an eye on this trade and see how it plays out.

It has been a tough market all around and many I have talked with are hitting up against tome trading fatigue. Remember to slow down when things get ugly and write out your key rules each day. The physical aspect of writing things down helps them sink in a little deeper and makes them easier to remember and act on.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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