Good day for my shorts in LVS and ARKK today which fell while the SPY and QQQ rose. Nvidia Earnings after the close on Wednesday. One of the things I will be watching for and which could rock the market, is what the conference call has to say about potential competition for the new Nvidia superchip.The reason I say that is I saw a nondescript article today about a new Chinese chip that is very substantially faster the Nvidia chip, if the article was true.

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If it was true, and Nvidia makes any non specific mention of competition on the horizon, then that will be a developing story, with potentially large impact. If not, maybe the story was false. I have no knowledge, except the knowledge to keep my ear to the ground on this one in case it turns out to be important. In any case the cycles support a expectation of lower prices. Nvidia earnings and call could be a catalyst.