What we are seeing play out could very well be the spring cleaning of big institutional portfolios and traders taking profits that they have been waiting for the start of the year to grab. Just by holding off to exit winning trades until the new year starts many traders push the tax obligation out for a year or more. Also, institutional traders like to put a nice bow on year end numbers since that is what their pay is often based on. With this important date behind us we are now seeing the shift.

Keith Harwood walked us through how to watch this rotation play out and which sectors are already looking like the big winners. Check out the quick video chat below.

As we see the shift to these new sectors, now is the time to get in and set up a trading strategy for this year that will boost the chances of winning trades and add a tail wind to profit potential. Keith is very generous in sharing his experience as a market maker and makes it easy to understand in his Outlier Road Map. You can grab it here and feel free to email him at keith@optionhotline.com with questions.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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