In February we followed a professional investor to enter an Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) Debit Spread. If you were with us back then and entered the trade, you might be holding the 395/350 put debit spread for December 20th expiration.

Today a professional investor with a near-identical bearish position did a roll-up. While we bought the 395 put back in February, they bought the 390 put, spending $210,715,000. Yesterday, they sold their put for $106,578,000. They then used that cash to reduce the cost of purchasing the December 424.78 put for $206,274,000 for a net of $99,160,000.

While we are not holding the 390 put, we can sell the 395 at a higher price from our open position to do the same kind of roll-up as the professional investor. It makes sense to update our position right now while options prices on QQQ are relatively inexpensive.

The chart below shows that the 6-month implied volatility (the lower blue line) is near its 1-year low. This tells us that options prices are also near the 1-year low relatively speaking.

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We followed a professional investor with our trade idea back in February. It makes sense to follow a professional now to adjust the open position by rolling up the option we previously bought. A roll-up trade is when you sell an option you currently own and buy an option at a higher strike price with the same expiration.

This adjusts our position to make profits quicker if QQQ drops below the strike price of the new option.

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