I have written in this space several times about Adv Micro Devices (symbol AMD), saying I would be a very interested buyer around $102. It bottomed Friday at $101.60 and rallied $4 into the close. Since it’s done exactly like it should have, I still like buying ADM on dips Monday with a stop exit if it closes below Friday’s $101.60 low. I think it is a harbinger for the whole market. 

Likewise that 177-178 area in AAPL I expect to be tested again, this time as resistance. If it breaks through that, and my “feeling” is it will indeed break through it, then we could get another rally that lasts weeks not days…. but we still trade a day at a time, so don’t count on that.    

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Any rally is likely to be skittish at first, but I would start the week at least looking to buy breaks. I won’t be overstaying any longs I do take on. But I would love to see a dip at some point on Monday to go long. 

Besides AAPL and AMD I like AMZN, GOOG and my favorite secondary optionable stock is Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS). Major thought is that I generally expect the leaders to lead again on the upside.