As I said last time, I don’t know how far up the market will go except to say it’d be further then we think. I would look for another up day on Friday. At least the first half of next week, should be bullish as well. MARA was up big today to $21.50 and we are looking great if you took my advice there for a bull call option spread when the stock was $18.00. Also long Delta call options from $39.30 and the close was $40.35.

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There is a gap to close at the low $41.00’s which would be a fine gain on the call options as they carry very small time values. If you take a look at an intraday chart over the last week on Delta the bears tried 3 times to sell it off and failed each time. The path of least resistance should be up from here on DAL. Lastly, I gave you ARKK at 46.00 and it closed at $48.50. Full disclosure I did not take this ARKK trade as the other two at the time were just about even, and I only would add a third position from a position of holding two winners. See you next week. Subscribers are killing it 🙂