To review from last week, I like being long Mara far dated in the money calls and short the end of February out of the money short dated calls. The premiums on the calls are so high a spread is the only way to participate in my view. Another alternative is buy the stock and do a covered write. On the latter go out a couple or 3 months on the option write to really soak up the excessive time value. I also bought DAL calls via subscriber alert on Friday morning  with stock at $39.30. It closed at $40.00 so I mention it only as a matter of record, as this opportunity has passed.  I would like to see low 41.00’s.

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Lastly, while it is tough to buy the general market up here, one ETF that looks attractive is the Innovation ETF ARKK around 46.50 on the call option side. In the general market it will go higher than we think, so I believe there is still a bit of room this week on the topside.