As a valued reader of Chuck Hughes’ Trade of The Day, you have qualified for complimentary access to the Weekly Profit Opportunity, in this new alert, we will spotlight a specific trading opportunity that we feel has great potential. As a key part of Chuck’s Optioneering Team, I work closely with Chuck through out the week to review various set up and we select one we feel is ripe for a favorable move.

In the past week’s trading the market seemed to gain a bit of traction as the S&P 500 index closed out its second positive week in a row. This could indicate that the selling pressure that we experienced during August and September has abated and now the market is looking to trade higher off of the low made earlier this month. If the market does indeed begin to trend higher from here, we are going to want to have new long positions open so that we can benefit. Chuck and I pinpointed a trade opportunity for a stock that held up well during the recent sell-off and continues to perform strongly. If we do see bullish trading in the market and this stock in the near-term, this trade would stand to benefit. Watch the video below to see our breakdown of this trade opportunity.


Blane Markham

Optioneering Technician

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