Gold will always be the go to in times of crisis. Partly because it is human nature to want to be able to hold your assets and also have assets that will hold their value. But like many other market patterns, it is also a bit of self fulfilling prophecy.

Just look at GLD, the ETF that tracks gold related stocks.

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You can see that as the conflict broke out GLD Spiked and continues to hold a very strong uptrend. It’s recent comparative high is 190 and it looks like that will breeze by like a highway sign. While a 8-9% gain is nice when the market is all over the place there is an opportunity to buy an April 14 190 call for about $2.21 today that could potentially double in the next week or two if the volatility stays high and this ETF continues to climb.

A hundred shares of GLD would cost $18000 but a lot of 100 of the 190 call would cost just $221. That equates to less capital at risk for a higher potential return.

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