Feeling like you missed out on a great trade is simply a part of trading. It is really easy to spot great trades in hindsight but who wants to look at could have, should haves? Keith Harwood jumped on a quick video chat with us and showed us with a real current example of how that feeling you may have missed out is the key to finding your next big trade. He walked us through one set up and will be showing more great potential trades in his webinar this afternoon. (you can sign up for free here) Check out the chat below. It is a quick video with a great tip to put a bow on your trading year.

Keith’s approach to spotting the outlier trades that so many people over look has been on fire in this market. Be sure to sign up for the webinar and see how he lets other chase the trades and then scoops up the wins they leave on the table.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer