Nvidia has been the belle of the ball lately and is getting tons of press. After releasing amazing performance data the stock skyrocketed. But the amazing thing is that there are others doing the same thing and traders are prone to overlook them. Let’s take a look at how to spot them and another example of and explosive stock.

AMD has also seen a staggering rally lately and it telegraphed its moves in advance. In fact there were a number of people who got an early heads up on how to turn that move into money in the bank.

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Back in early May, AMD had been pulling back for a few weeks before its chart showed a key signal. The MACD spotted the reversal and gave traders a heads up that it was about to change directions. The Bullish MACD Crossover is a very reliable signal and has repeatedly spotted winners. But for some it was even easier than that.

Ian Cooper has combined the MACD with other indicators that supercharge their big move detection power. As effective as this signal is some just don’t take advantage of it. It is easy to spot these when you find that chart, like AMD, that is clearly displaying this signal. But which chart shows it? How do you confirm the signal is really true? Ian has made it easy for the folks reading his Trigger Point Trade Alerts and they got a great email not too long ago.

Exited AMD June 16, 2023 105 calls for a win of 108% and 295%

Exited half of the AMD June 23, 2023 110 calls for a win of 126%

It isn’t impossible to learn these signals and the confirmation that identify when they are strong. In fact Ian includes his manual when people sign up for Trigger Points Trade Alerts. But you sure can’t beat having money makers like AMD just appear in your inbox.

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