Happy Friday! We usually dive deep into a trading lesson at the end of the week but this week the lesson is to celebrate your wins. Trading can be tough and even great wins can seem to fade fast so it is really important to recognize when all of that hard work you have put into your trading is paying off.

It is easy to overlook a success by thinking you may have gotten more, or immediately looking for the next trade but taking pause to soak in the fact that you learned and implemented a strategy that produced income for you and your family helps reinforce positive habits. When positive trading trading practices become habits, you win more often and it will feel like it takes less work to bring in some gains.

Here is a great example of a win we looked at a couple weeks ago that really worked well. Here is the chart we posted and the example we provided:

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You can read the article here, but this is what we wrote:

Let’s discuss a Call option trade for our example.  If you bought one call option that covered 100 shares of QQQ for the 340 strike, it would cost about $4.09 for the June 16th expiration date. This would be an investment of $409. If the price rose the expected $6, you could expect to make approximately $3.00. This would be a $300 profit on your $409 investment, or 73% profit.

Here is the daily chart showing what happened next:

QQQ took off and the call trade would have offered a potential 108%. That is worth celebrating. but what is most important is that the time spent to understand how powerful Exponential Moving Averages can be paid off. And that will lead to more celebrations in the future.

We also talked about True Strength Index in an article that same week and it highlighted a potential 62% trade opportunity (check it out here). AND we covered the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and that spotted a pattern that proceeded to a 95% gain opportunity. (read that one here)

I have been trading for a few years 🙂 but I have to tell you that I appreciate each win and take a moment to soak in the time it took to learn the technique that got me that win. No one wins every trade, but by reinforcing the good trading habits you can quickly shift your trading to more winners than losers.

Congrats to you on all of your hard work. Keep at it.

I wish you the very best,


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