Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I am on vacation this week but wanted to share information with you that shows you some of the next steps you can take as a reader of the Daily Profit Play. Each trading day I provide you an overview of the markets along with a stock that is entering one of the patterns I use to help my readers and students spot great trades.

Today, I want to take it one step further with a great example of what I provide to the folks who have signed up for one of the paid services I offer. These services include more detailed information along with a longer list of symbols that are showing the reliable signs we look for on their charts and this is what they received last week.

For example, the Family Financial Freedom Newsletter is posted on my website on Tuesday afternoon/evening. When you sign up, you will receive an email reminder when the website has been updated.  Here is what you will get in each newsletter.

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Listed stocks qualify with the candidate criteria listed in the Family Financial Freedom book: equities priced over $25, the CCI has recently been overbought or oversold and 2 EMA is close to crossing the 13 EMA.  You, of course, can locate and trade options on the equities that are of interest to you, but for traders who do not have the time to locate stocks or if you want to add to those you have found, these can be added to a watch list.

Equities move at their own pace.  It may be that some candidates will move quickly, will be slow, or will reverse all together.  Add and delete these symbols to your watch list based on their price action. If you don’t like a stock’s pattern or the company, delete it. If you miss a price move, delete it.  If you are considering a trade, continue to watch its price action until it confirms the pattern before entry.

Opening a trade on these trade candidates should be based on proper chart due diligence. 


ADIAnalog Devices Inc.NasdaqTechnologySemiconductors
AEPAmerican Elec. Pwr Co.NYSEUtilitiesConventional Elec.
AMHAmerican Homes 4 RentNYSEReal EstateResidential REITs
BAXBaxter Intl Inc.NYSEHealth CareMedical Supplies
CHGGChegg Inc.NYSECons DiscretionarySpecial Consumer Svcs
CVSCVS Health Corp.NYSEHealth CarePharmaceuticals
DBXDropbox Inc.NasdaqTechnologySoftware
FUBOfuboTV Inc.NYSECommunication SvcsEntertainment
IIVIII-VI Inc.NasdaqTechnologyElectronic Equipment
JKSJinkosolar Hldg Co.NYSETechnologyRenewable Energy
KKRKKR& Co Inc.NYSEFinancialSpecialty Finance
KMBKimberly Clark Corp.NYSECons StaplesHome Products
NVAXNovavax Inc.NasdaqHealth CaraeBiotechnology
PEAKHealthpeak  Prop Inc.NYSEReal EstateSpecialty REITs
PLDProLogis Inc.NYSEReal EstateIndustrial & Office REITs
QCOMQualcomm Inc.NasdaqTechnologyTelecom Equipment
SNAPSnap Inc.NYSECommunication SvcsInternet
STORSTORE Capital Corp.NYSEReal EstateDiversified REITs
TDOCTeladoc Health Inc.NYSETechnologySoftware
`TRPTC Energy Corp.NYSEEnergyPipelines
TWTRTwittier Inc.NYSECommunication SvcsInternet
UDRUnited Dominion Realty TrustNYSEReal EstateResidential REITs
UPSUnited parcel Svc Inc.NYSEIndustrialDelivery Svcs
ZTOZTO Express Inc.NYSEIndustrialBusiness Support Svcs
ZTSZoetis Inc.NYSEHealth CarePharmaceuticals


Fidelity National Financial Inc. (FNF) was on the July 20th newsletter. Looking at the daily chart of FNF we can see that the CCI was oversold. The 2 EMA moved above the 13 EMA on the July 20th, so we could start looking for a trade. 

If we had bought FNF on July 20th, we could have bought the Sep21 44 calls for 1.60.  

You would still be in this trade today. Today, the FNF Sep21 44 calls are at 5.10 which is a 218% profit!

This just a sample of the newsletter that readers had access to last week. That list of candidates are symbols that have the potential to make a move like FNF did or possibly even more.

If you are ready to start putting the power of these indicators to work for you with the incredible guidance my FFF newsletter can offer, click here.

Keep an eye on your inbox and I will keep sharing what I have my eye on. If you want to get deeper into how I find these winners, be sure to check out the programs in the banners in this message to learn more about options.

I love teaching and write my strategy books as clear as I write these emails. I try to think of the questions you’ll ask before you ask them. Sign up and join me in the profit potential.

Yours for a Prosperous Future,

Wendy Kirkland