On April 2, we noted, “Keep an eye on small-cap AI stocks, like Sound Hound AI (SOUN). This is the company that’s developing conversational AI technology. Its goal is to allow humans to interact with technology as they would with their friends. Better, the company is working with the auto industry, integrating voice assistants into vehicles. Auto could be a massive market for Sound Hound, with the company expecting 90% of new cars to have voice assistants.”

At the time, SOUN traded at $2.76 – and would hit a high of $3.30 a day later.

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Unfortunately, it would then pull back to about $2.50 with AI competitors, like C3.AI taking a hit on what appears to be a bogus short seller report.  That now gives us another opportunity to run back in, and make more money from stocks like SOUN.  In fact, with a good deal of AI-sector negativity priced in, we’d like to see SOUN race back to $5 a share, near-term.


Ian Cooper