Digital gaming is a significant part of out culture and only seems to be growing. Considering there a gaming bars, massive gaming competitions, even gaming lounges in Vegas, there is no doubt it is pulling in a lot of money.

But picking the the one gaming stock that is going to deliver is a tough… well… game.

There is another way to grab this tiger by the tail and not be at as much risk of some tech company getting tossed around in a crowded space.

ESPO is Van Eck’s video gaming and eSports ETF and since it covers a group of the companies in this space it is less likely to be vulnerable to any one company taking a big hit.

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It has been on a solid rise for a while now and hasn’t suffered as much of the drawdowns seen in other sectors.

We are going to add this to our list to keep an eye on and see how it does.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer