With the Middle East conflict intensifying, gold prices are exploding.

Last checked, gold was up another $61 to $1,932.28 – and could push even higher.  All with Iran now warning of further escalation, and the U.S. sending another carrier to the region.

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“The situation in the region is very dangerous and open to all possibilities, including direct Iranian and American involvement. Neither side wants a head-on confrontation, but they might nonetheless find themselves there as we go up the escalatory ladder of tit for tat,” Firas Maksad, director of outreach at the Middle East Institute, told Newsweek.

One way to trade further tension is with Newmont Corp. (NEM), which is starting to break higher. From a current price of $39.43, we’d like to see NEM closer to $45 shortly. While we wait for that to happen, we can also collect the company’s 4.06% yield. Or, if you prefer options, consider the NEM November 17, 2023 40 calls.


Ian Cooper