On Oct. 22, we noted, “Bitcoin is pushing higher again. In fact, it’s nearing $30,000 again and could see higher highs. All on hope a spot Bitcoin ETF will be approved soon, which would further legitimize the coin and attract new investment dollars from retail and institutional traders. With that, mining stocks, like Marathon Digital (MARA) could start to push aggressively higher, too.  After all, when BTC moves, miners follow.”

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At the time, MARA traded at $7.76. Today, with Bitcoin now nearing $34,000 – possibly on its way to $40,000 on Bitcoin ETF hopes – MARA is up to $9.66. From here, if BTC pushes even higher, we’d like to see MARA at least double.

If you bought. Into MARA on the mention, we’d love to hear how you’re doing with it.


Ian Cooper