This shifting market is revealing some ideal options trades. If you are ready to grab some of the best setups you have seen you will absolutely need two key components.

  • Low priced powerhouse options that are on the brink of exploding in your favor,
  • The recipe for confirming you are not getting swindled by a market maker when you grab a great option deal.

Both are possible and realistic and we have lined up two of the best options analysts to boil these major factors down to simple approaches virtually anyone can implement and master.

Don Fishback and Price Headley have been exploiting these cardinal rules of trading for decades and are ready to show you how to load your trading strategy with this powerful ammo.

Don and Price are going to cut right to the chase and layout their most effective trading rules in a live presentation.

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Price is going to show how “1Buck” options have been hitting up to 4x returns in 2024 and Don will flip Wall Street and eliminate the market maker unfair edge and stack the odds heavily in your favor.

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Join us May 14th, 4pm EST,

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