When I spotted this trade example, I had to send it to you. Take a look below and I’ll show you what helped me uncover it, how to get the biggest potential trade benefit, and also, I’ll update you on a previous example. Mastercard (MA) just created a “fin” on the CCI indicator at the bottom of its chart. Let me explain and show you how this example would work as a trade. The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) reveals big reversals as they are about to happen. To get more info on the CCI, click here. On this chart you can see the pattern shaping up:

If you want to be a profit predator, this pattern is the key. See how to spot it here

This latest move is heading below zero indicating a bearish move. We want CCI on MA to go down to create a fin shape. We also want the price to go down to at least $394 before entering a trade. The first target would be $384 and then lower.

The next step is to consider what you can do with this information. Let’s take a look at how an option trade could provide a big win.

To buy stock shares of MA today, price would be approximately $394.74. You would wait until price found a bottom before buying stock.

That said, option trading offers the potential of a smaller initial investment and higher percentage gain even when price is expected to rise or fall. Let’s take a look.

If you bought one Put option contract covering 100 shares of MA’s stock with an Nov 17th expiration date for the 385 strike, premium would be approximately $7.65 today, or a total of $765 per contract.  If the stock price fell the expected $9 the premium might increase approximately $4.50 to $12.15 per share on your 100-share contract. This is a 59% gain over a couple weeks.

To learn more about trading options, see the other indicators I uses to spot trades, and to get these examples before they are emailed out, be sure to visit my site here.

I love to trade, and I love to teach.  It is my thing.

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If you want to be a profit predator, this pattern is the key. See how to spot it here

Past potential trade update:

Last week we discussed buying SE calls. It did not reach our target entry price.