Markets are churning as companies release numbers on how they actually did in Q4. As this stirs the pot of potential trades, Keith Harwood jumped on a quick video chat with us to shine a spotlight on biotech where he has spotted some huge setups taking shape.

He gave us a quick glimpse at what he is looking at that you can see in the video below but he is going to dive in later today and put a laser on the setup behind the biggest move he is watching. Be sure to check out this video and then sign up for the webinar at 4:30 EST today here.

Take a look at the pieces he sees coming together:

If you are tired of spending countless hours scanning for trades and still not liking what you find, jump on Keith’s webinar today and take a look at his process that consistently turns up winners. As a former market maker his living depended on spotting these big moves day in and day out and he had no choice but to simplify his scanning process. Sign up for the webinar now, even if you can’t make it at 4:30 EST today. You’ll get a link to the recording that you can watch at your convenience.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer