Last time in this space I said Monday up, mid week consolidation, end of the week up. Buy dips. So far so good. If the market does consolidate/ dip further on Wednesday I believe it is an opportunity to buy for short term traders who are day trading or holding for 1 or 3 days. It’s not a swing trading market in my view. So, within that context I think IBM has likely been sold out and looks ready to rally. The low has probably been made in IBM at 162.75 a couple of days ago, However, if it did try to take out that low one more time, and quickly regained the break lower, then it would mark a screaming opportunity to buy some IBM calls on sale. I still like PYPL here. On the latter stock it shows 5 of the last 6 daily candles are red, so on a stock I view favorably this is a great opportunity to buy into short term weakness.

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PYPL closed just under $66 Tuesday, and I expect north of $70 again. The accompany chart shows PayPal in a nice little flag, which also part of an equally nice larger flag formation. These flags are expected to break out to the upside.