We keep turning to this approach that is really working.

The Feds Latest statements have sealed the deal that the long term down trend we have been in since the beginning of the year will continue. We are going to sound like a broken record but using inverse ETFs is something you should really consider.

As we watch the indexes feel the downward pressure we get some great signs from ETFs like SQQQ, the inverse NASDAQ ETF.

It pushed up off its 200 day moving average passed its10 and 50. Buying calls on SQQQ or buying puts on QQQ may be a trade to consider to leverage the drop.

Chuck Hughes has been beating the market in all kinds of climates including grabbing big wins in a dropping market like this. He spotted a very rare and powerful signal and is encouraging traders to act on it before May 4th. You should check it out here.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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