Markets are struggling to figure what they want to do and are churning with a slide toward the downside. This is a time to be cautious. (Here’s a great article on smart risk management) But that doesn’t mean there aren’t trades to be found.

One ETF we have been watching for a while is putting together the pieces of a strong move. TAN, a clean energy ETF, had a solid jump yesterday while the rest of the market was conflicted.

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TAN has offered these quick runs pretty regularly and they seem to work best with they start in a negative MACD and you get that confirmation above the 10 day.

The key to moves like this in a mixing bowl market is to roll back your position size and keep a close eye on your trades. Write your rules for each trade down (again!) and remind yourself you are going to stick to them. Grabbing moves in this climate is like working out with ankle weights. It will make trading in trending markets that much easier.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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