Let’s take a look at trade examples in the SPY. We’ll take a look at what is going on this morning, a great indicator that is effective in this situation, and why the SPY is an excellent choice for trading options. At the bottom of this email, I even include an update on a previous example.

SPY, or the SPDR S&P 500 trust was one of the first exchange traded funds and is also one of the most traded ETFs. That volume makes it ideal for great trades. SPY tracks the S&P and makes it possible for individual traders to trade moves in the entire index.

Look at what the S&P did yesterday to help us get an idea of what to expect from the SPY this week. The image below is Wednesday’s price activity.

This chart image is courtesy of FINVIZ.com a free website and gives a quick view of each day’s movement.  Understanding the direction, the S&P was moving on the previous trading day is a great place to start.

SPY is one of the best tools to trade for success. It’s the ETF that tracks the S&P and it can produce some of the most lucrative trades in the market, if you know how to spot them. Get the key to recognizing these moves here…

Next, let’s look at chart that includes the Percentage Price Oscillator or PPO indicator. We are specifically looking at the lines in the PPO to cross but you can get more information about this indicator here.

The PPO is heading up indicating a bullish trend.  You can consider calls.

Potential SPY trade:

In this example, if the price continues to rise you could consider a call trade if it stays above $520. The short-term target is $530.

Here’s Why an Option Offers A Big Potential Payout

The stock price in this example is $520.48 If price went to $530 you would make about $9.52.

If you were trading options and selected a 520 Call option strike, you would pay a premium of around $8.83 for the April 19thth expiration, or $883 for the 100-share option contract.  If the stock price moves to 530 the premium is apt to go up about $5.00.  Your premium of $883 plus $500= $1383. That is a profit of 57% over a short period of time.

Remember, you can take profit anywhere along the line, you don’t have to wait for the expiration date to sell.  It is often wise to take profit when it is earned, especially in a volatile market.

Stay positive and know you can do this.  Knowing creates positive results! A part of the abundance process is letting go of anything negative, which creates space to receive.

I wish you the very best,


Previous Trades:

On April 14th we discussed buying SPY April 19th 516 calls. The premium on 3-14 was $8.63 and you could have sold on 3-20 for $11.78, a 37% profit.

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