The plan coming into this week was Monday up, mid week lower, end of week up. So far so good. The afternoon high Monday in the broad averages like the SP 500, I think is likely to stand as the high through at least the next couple days, quite possibly the entire week. I looked for a stock Monday afternoon, I could really look at it and say “that stock is making me take a short trade”! But I saw a lot of stocks that look like they could fall further toward support, really none that I liked to sell right here though.

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It’s been very choppy both day to day as well as intraday, and therefore very hard to both get positioned and then to hold through the chop. If indeed we do get a further sell off, I will look and see if any stocks “make me” try out a long position. So nothing to do just yet. Again expect a couple of days or more with the market under some pressure — lets see how things shape for buy set ups if that scenario unfolds. Patience pays in the big picture!