The Nasdaq has been on a tear since the beginning of the year and doesn’t seem to be listening to warnings from the broader economy. QQQ, the ETF that tracks the Nasdaq has been hugging it’s 10 day moving average on a climb since the beginning of the year and just went above a key level.

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QQQ just climbed above the high back in March of last year. It saw a little resistance recently but the support it has from the 10 day is solid and was able to push it past that key level. Indexes aren’t what they used to be and they aren’t as in lock step as they have been in the past. When momentum is there, you can’t deny it.

This sets up a nice environment for some QQQ call options to grabs some quick gains as it continues to climb. Finding momentum and using it to your advantage is key to accelerating account growth. Andy Chambers has a great approach to increase your chances to win when you spot strong momentum. Check it out here.

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