As the debt ceiling issue got resolved it was clear that student loan providers were the biggest winners. We noticed that SOFI was set to take off and mentioned in an article here. At that time the July 27 call options with strike of 7 were at about .15. We mentioned it again just a few days later when those options had doubled. (check that out here) Those same call options were up to .29 and we noted that they still looked like a bargain. The momentum was strong enough to keep it moving.

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We can see in the chart that not only has SOFI shot up over 8, but the MACD is still pretty wide in the climb which indicates it still has more momentum. Oh, and those July 27 call options with a strike of 7 are now at 1.29.

Not bad for a little over a week.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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