Some stocks have gotten unfairly beat down in 2022. Here’s one that may have take more than it’s share of pressure.

It’s been a while since we have look at insulin delivery pump manufacturer Tandem (TNDM). Their latest earnings wasn’t so great and it has been beat down. But they are a long haul company and this may just be a great opportunity. Take a look at the chart and we’ll search for a sign that will tell us when to buy.

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In spite of some tough earnings news, TNDM is finding support with a triple bottom around 55. This tells us that not once, not twice, but three time the market has tried to push this below 55 and failed. That doesn’t mean it is impossible, but it definitely moves this stock up on the watchlist. Ideally, we’d like to see it get above it’s 10 day moving average and also see the MACD start to curl up a bit. If that happens it is a great opportunity to jump in.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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