Large option trades of puts of over $1M transaction size have risen significantly over the last week and a bit. That is slightly bearish. These traders are right a bit more often than they are wrong, but they are still wrong lots of times. One added negative which has also shown marked large buyers is VIX puts. The VIX is the volatility index and it moves inversely to stock prices.

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As far as individual stocks, if one was leaning lower I would look at the ARKK ETF which closed Friday at $46.00. I would certainly be willing to try a short on ARKK at $46.00. Also my favorite long albeit I was a few days early is still TLT, the long term bond ETF. It can do well, no matter which way the stock market goes. Lastly, the political situation is becoming even more uncertain, and I think it will be hard for the market to rally much in the face of that. It is different than a wall of worry, this is definitive uncertainty.