After another slight climb up yesterday we are seeing signs that things may shift. Rising inflation and how the feds will deal with it are a weighing heavy on the markets and now that the drunkenness of earnings is over reality will set in. But, as we have been saying lately, we have felt this way before in this epic long term rally. So how will we know when the shift is on?

I grabbed Keith Harwood and tapped into his years of experience as a market maker to carve out the top three indicators that will confirm we are entering a shift. He walked me through them in a quick video chat that you can check out below.

This combination of volatility, momentum, and a key indicator provide a reliable signal that will alert you to and confirm when we are seeing the next drop.

We’ll keep an eye on this market and be sure to get Keith to help us create trades that have the best possibility of success.

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Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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