Tech stocks are setting up a potential trade that I want to walk you through. Here is an example of a trade set up one of my favorite indicators has signaled, the chart that helped me spot it, and the steps you can consider supercharging this move for the maximum potential.

QQQ, or the Invesco QQQ Trust, is an exchange-traded fund that trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol QQQ. It is designed to track the Nasdaq ETF stock market index. In studying the QQQ I have found that Fibonacci Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) are extremely effective at providing great trade signals.

Let’s start with a look at what the NASDAQ, the index QQQ tracks, has done recently.

This chart image is courtesy of a free website and gives a quick view of each day’s movement. 

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EMAs work well as they give a greater weight to the most recent prices and provide signals that tie directly to current price moves. Using Fibonnacci EMAs helps provide price targets to build the most effective positions. To find out more about EMAs, click here.

The EMAs on the chart below are represented by the colored lines:

In this example, you see that the EMA’s are heading UP indicating that price should move UP.  We will look at buying CALLS.

QQQ’s Potential Trade

If price ROSE to $482, you could consider a CALL trade. $490 is the short-term target.

Here is some context to why an option would be a great idea in this example. To buy stock shares of QQQ today would cost approximately $481.92. If price went to $490 you would make $8.08 per share.

Let’s discuss a CALL option trade for our example.  If you bought one CALL option that covered 100 shares of QQQ for the Aug 16th 485 strike, it would cost about $10.50. This would be an investment of $1050. If price ROSE the expected $8, you could expect to make approximately $4.00. This would be a $400 profit on your $1050 investment, or a 38% profit.

In this example, as is true in any other trade, you can take a win (or loss) at any point. You aren’t required to wait until expiration.

Trading options can be a win, win, win opportunity.  Options often offer a smaller overall investment, covering more shares of stock and potential for greater profits.

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Past potential trade update:

Last week we discussed buying QQQ Calls. On 6-25 the July 19th 474 call was $9.01. You could have sold on 6-28 for $13.52, a 50% profit.