My mistake on TLT. Way too early to be chasing a rally and I got burned. I did say go far out to October or even January on the call options. I went with the October options and I am down 60%. Even worse, most of the move was the last few minutes of trading on Friday and a big gap lower Monday.  That left virtually no opportunity to mitigate anything by selling a short dated call against it. Probably just better to cut it at this point, and value the lesson of getting time on the option, such that it still has some value. If we can rally so the loss is under 50% all the better. That is my usual point where I just move on. I will be back to this one though.

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My fav longs for Monday were AMD and V. The AMD was hit hard out of the gate Monday, which for sure was a surprise to me. Market is smarter than me though so I am standing aside on these potential long plays for now. Instead I am looking to go back to one of my old reliables in ARKK. The largest holding of this ETF is ROKU which has rallied 20% off yearly lows in the last couple weeks which looks like a short squeeze after a very horrible drubbing last year. So maybe time to get back to the short side on ARKK. Not pulling the trigger Tuesday on ARKK, but starting to monitor closely. For Tuesday I do believe I will look at SLB on the short side chart attached. Leaning credit spreads, but I have to see what the option pricing looks like Tuesday. Largely my potential long ideas the last couple weeks haven’t panned out with the exception of TSLA and IBM. So even though I did not pull the trigger on any longs, the very mixed performance of the stocks I was favoring I think is sending me a message. And it’s not a hyper bullish one.