The horrific conflict in Israel has already moved the market and will continue to have an impact as the fighting and reactions play out. The biggest effect is the rise in oil and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down soon. But there are definitely ripple effects moving through other sectors and the opportunities these echoes have can create some incredibly lucrative set ups.

Let’s take a look at one chart that is signaling a coming breakout.

Keith Harwood mentioned the other day that he was going to be making a huge announcement and you can’t talk about outlier trades created by big events and not think of one of the best at finding missed potential in markets. Next Thursday, he is revealing a path for traders to access even more of these lurking big trades and will offer to personally show you how to consistently find them. It hasn’t even been announced to the public but you can get the jump here.

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As oil and gas prices climb, consumers will feel the pinch. The boom in EVs is an obvious place for people to turn and is a potential benefactor of higher fuel prices. But which EV player is going to best take advantage of this situation? That risks being a guessing game and adds more effort to finding your pick. At the end of the day, the EV wave is driven by batteries and the demand for lithium is already taking off. This latest driver of demand for non gas transportation will only add to that momentum.

An ETF like LIT which is based on lithium related companies is an ideal way to create a trade with income potential when your wallet is getting the squeeze. It also is showing a bullish MACD crossover that is a strong sign of more upward movement to come.

Grabbing some shares of LIT is one way to set up a trade but using options offers the opportunity to multiply that potential income and manage the risk before the trade. This is why Keith’s upcoming event next Thursday is incredibly timely. Definitely check it out and see how you can take advantage of these set ups and build trades that exploit these move for maximum benefit.

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