After oil shot up over the weekend when supply was cut, it seemed like the move had slipped away. When we talked with Keith Harwood, he pointed out a move this spike set up that hadn’t played out yet and still offered opportunity.

His Outlier Roadmap is a great tool to zero in on the trades that many miss. Check out this quick video chat where he explains how it got a grip on this slippery move.

When you know these key setups, spotting the lucrative Outlier trades gets crazy easy. Click here for your Outlier Roadmap.

Great to have a former market maker shine a light on this move that is lagging the sector. It is amazing how often this can happen and provide a great trade, if you know where to look. Be sure to get the Outlier Roadmap and sign up for the watchlist to get the other setups Keith has his eye on.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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