A great signal just popped on an ETF we have looked at many times.

Rising oil and energy prices have people scrambling to make the shift to clean energy. We have looked at the ETF TAN a few times and it has made some good moves. Since it is on our radar, it’s recent move definitely caught my attention. Take a look at the chart.

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It has historically done well when we see a move above the 10 day moving average and even better when we also see the upward curl of the MACD. This is an ETF that, by all accounts has been unfairly beaten down. While it’s last move had the potential to keep going and nearly double, even the run up through March was fun to be in.

This could very well be an other opportunity to grab it at a bargain and get in on a potential skyrocket.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


Market Wealth Daily