Lithium stocks, like Albemarle (ALB) are coming back strong.

After dipping to a low of about $110, ALB is now up to $142.80 and could see higher highs. 

All on speculation that lithium prices may finally be bottoming out. Helping, SQM CEO Ricardo Ramos expects lithium prices to remain stable this year, and for sales volumes to improve. Even better, Australian lithium company, Pilbara just said it’s seeing buying interest again, too.

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“All our customers, for the avoidance of doubt, are taking their product and, in some cases, asking for more,” said Pilbara Minerals’ Managing Director Dale Henderson. Inquiries from potential buyers have picked up, and “I think we’ve had more over the last eight weeks than we’ve had for quite some period,” said Pilbara’s Managing Director Dale Henderson, as quoted by Bloomberg.


Ian Cooper